The Crashing Stone Monastery

Along the south eastern coast of Daborak, their lies a monastery nestled within the cliffs. It is there the monks of the Crashing Stone, meditate and train. They focus on resilience and stoic resolve. Many that seek out their wisdom and training, leave with a reinforced will. From time to time, the monastery will send out an emissary of whom's purpose is to test the fighting style of other martial individuals and to test the morals of the world. These emissaries naturally take up adventuring lifestyles. 

The fighting style of the Crashing Stones focuses on the use of a hardened body, to absorb the blows of their opponents, immediately using the force from that blow to smash into them, much like the stone and waves of their home. 


Way of Wave and Stone – (Fighting Style) – Reduce all damage taken by 1. If an enemy damages you, you gain a +1 to your next attack roll against them. This does not stack with itself.

A scroll case stuffed full of notes from your studies or prayers, a winter blanket, a set of common clothes, an herbalism kit, healer's Kit and 5 gp

The Monastery of the Crashing Stone, marks it's membership with a tattoo upon the right shoulder, that depicts a mountain on the sea.



Constitution Cap increased by 2.

Languages – You may choose 2 languages to learn.


  • Temperance and Resolve are your guiding lights, anger is a deadly poison.
  • You must be as the mountain unyielding, you must never admit defeat.
  • You must be as the waves ever-changing, you must seek new things, keep an open mind.

Faction Mission Priorities

  • Seek any worthy martial challenge
  • Seek avenues of enlightenment
  • Any mission that aids the monastery.

Current Agenda

  • Recruit adventurer's 0 / 5 (Maximum)
  • Achieve 8 Prestige

    Ranking List
  • Drop (NAC Rank)
  • Emissary (Only Adventurer Rank)

    Special Rank
  • Quartermaster (N/A)
  • Chapter Master 

The Crashing Stone Monastery

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