Night Guard (Faction)

The dark forests of Dolten and it's denizens are held back by two things. The Ranger Stones made by the rangers and the Night Guard. The Night Guard are both the military arm of the country as well as it's wardens against the evil forest. Every member of the Night Guard is considered an elite warrior in their own right, even from Dolten's rival Daborak. This is due to their deadly vetting process, in which applicants must undergo intense physical, mental and spiritual training. Their bodies are tested in the breaking. An obstacle course that they must complete in a ludicrous time. Their minds are tested as captured or contracted evils attempt to drive them mad in dark rooms beneath the Crimson Citadel. Their spirits are tested, as the witches of Dolten pull their souls from their bodies to test them against a myriad of hexes. Only the those that can pass all of such trials can hope to be a Night Guard.

The Night Guard was founded by the first Witch Queen of Dolten, in the hopes that the common people could survive in the terrible dangers within the Abhorrent Arboreal. Since openly used witchcraft caused such diplomatic strife with other countries, the witches went into the shadows while publicly the Night Guard became the protectors of the people, from the terrors of the night. 



Prerequisite – To join this faction as a starter they must have at least Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom and Charisma of 14. (Must pass the Crimson Crucible, if joined at character creation)

Night Blade – (Longsword) – This magical blade is standard issue amongst the elite Night Guard. It is created from a carefully sanctified infernal steel, allowing the weapon to draw strength from evil and safeguard the wielder from nefarious influence. This is a +1 longsword, this weapon has these bonuses doubled against evil undead, evil shapechangers and evil fae.

Crimson Mail – (Scale Mail) – The iconic crimson armor of the Night Guard is not only a distinct indicator as to their authority, but also a potent piece of equipment in its own right. This armor does not provide disadvantage on stealth checks, it is also infused with the eldritch power of the witches and allows the wearer to gain advantage on saving throws vs. compulsion, fear and curse effects.

A silver pendant, a hunting trap, vial of holy water, tuft of wolfsbane, cold iron charm, a set of traveler’s clothes, and a belt pouch containing 30 gp

The Night Guard are recognized mostly by their iconic red armor, but they also are all branded on their right hand, with a powerful warding hex, this acts as protection against the darkness, but also as a sign of all they accomplished. 



Prerequisite – To join this faction after character creation, you must have achieved at least 4 prestige.

Choose two from Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom and Charisma, their Caps are increased by 2. This boosts the maximum of an ability score but not the score itself.

Proficiency with Night Blades and Crimson Mail


  • Safeguard the people of Dolten at all costs.
  • Study the evils of the forest, yet understand that not all things are as they seem. Never trust something at first glance, or take someone at their word easily.
  • Never perform any action or take any contract that you believe would harm Dolten or her interests, unless of course, doing so causes you to break the first tenet. 

Faction Mission Priorities

  • Put down eldritch evil
  • Anything that would aid the witches of Dolten.
  • Any mission that would aid Dolten

Current Agenda

  • Recruit adventurer's 0 / 3 (Maximum)
  • Achieve 8 Prestige

    Ranking List
  • Trainee (NAC Rank)
  • Night Guard (Adventurer Starting Rank)
  • Slayer
  • Terror (N/A)
  • Horror (N/A)
  • The Night Lord (N/A)

    Special Rank
  • Quartermaster (N/A)
  • Chapter Master 

Night Guard (Faction)

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