Knights of the Triumvirate

The abhorrent arboreal is a dark place, where the evils of the waking world can be found, they hunt, kill and subvert. But even evil has rules, there are three great lords that took it upon themselves to control the darkness and rule it that their might be some semblance of order, with those that share their lands with them. These three lords, hold the night in check that evil may not run rampant, but also to safe guard the right these creatures have to exist. throwing off the shackles of misguided moralities. they are the guardians of the dark forest. These three lords are The Baron, The Beast and The Horned King.

The Baron is considered by many to be the first vampire, whether or not this is true, he is unquestionably the most powerful one. It is the Baron's duty to oversee the undead of Dolten, to guide them should they have minds, to control them if they do not. Favoring vampires as undead nobility, but leaving the purview of liches to his colleague the Horned king, he rules over undeath from his casted within the Fanged Wood, deep to the east of the forest border. 

The Beast is a mighty werewolf that serves as the ruler of all non-fae shapechangers within the dark forest, although he favors the cursed lycanthropes, he is mostly known to provide safe haven to those whom are lost from this affliction. The settlements formed under his protection, have caused a new breed of shapechanger to be born, natural lycanthropes called skinwalkers. His stronghold lies in an old abandoned fort in the Howling Hills in the western forest. 

The Horned King rules the eldritch dark, the demons and shadows that would roam free without his iron rule. He also serves as a conduit for those that take to the path of lichdom. No one is quite sure what the Horned King is, but no one dares to cross him. He respects his other two counterparts and provides them with whatever aid they require to keep a hold on the dark forest. He is also believed to be one of the few beings capable of conversing with the Creeping Death, many times he has warned the people of Dolten when the spider swarm would awaken. 

These three form the Triumvirate of Evil and serve as an example of co-existence between the forces of good and the forces of the dark. recently, however, there has been an increased need for a greater presence in the worlds politics and the Triumvirate seeks a greater knowledge outside the darkness of the forest. As such they have decided to take on adventurer's with ambitious hearts to aid them in their awareness. 




When serving the Triumvirate, select which lord you would like to curry favor with. That selected lord will decide your starting equipment to some degree.

The Beast 

Black Axe – (Great Axe) – The favored weapon of the Beast is standard issue to those mortals that serve the Triumvirate. This axe is forged in an old forge in the Howling Hills and each of them are custom made to match the characters weight and build. this weapon may be wielded by a small creature with no penalty. This weapon grants a +1 to attack rolls. 

Worg Hide – (Hide Armor) – This gift of armor is a symbolic gesture of not only the sacrifices made by the lesser creatures of the forest, but how through their sacrifice, the chosen grow stronger and with that strength strive to face the enemies of darkness. This hide armor forged from worg, provides a number of benefits. First it's AC is 14+dex, second it grants the speed of a hunter and increases the movement speed of the wearer by 5ft.


The Baron

Spear of the Damned – (Spear) – This elegant weapon is made from bone and is enchanted lightly with the blood of vampires. This gives the wielder advantage on saving throws vs bleed effects and this weapon grants a +1 to damage. 

Courtly Armor – (Half-Plate) – This courtly set of ceremonial armor, not only serves to protect it's wearer, but also provides the wearer with being presentable. While wearing this armor, the wearer provides advantage on persuasion rolls in which ones outfit would influencial. 


The Horned King

Horned Scepter – (Morningstar) – This brutal morning star is covered with a motiff of horns that seem to protrude in a wicked fashion. Such a weapon provides the wielder with a +1 to attack rolls. 

Black Shield – (Shield) – This black shield is formed of cursed steel, that has been tempered not to harm the wielder. However, the first time any caster that attempts to cast a harmful spell at the wielder must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or be frightened for 1 round. 

A set of fine clothes, a signet ring, a scroll of permissions, and a purse containing 25 gp

Knights of the Triumvirate are known to one another with a simple grey ring that looks rather mundane to the uninitiated. 



The attribute caps are dependent on which of the three lords you choose to curry favor with.

The Beast – Strength Cap increased by 2

The Baron – Charisma Cap increased by 2

The Horned King – Intelligence Cap increased by 2

Proficiency with one weapon of the characters choice. 


  • Bring dark justice on those that hunt our kind
  • Be watchful of the fae, for they cannot be trusted.
  • Do not serve one of the gods of good, for they cannot know our suffering.
  • Suffer not an inquisitor to live.
  • Fear is our tool, use it well.

Faction Mission Priorities

  • Destroy the Inquisition
  • Amass prestige and wealth
  • Seek the Dark Artifacts wherever they may be found.

Current Agenda

  • Recruit adventurer's 0 / 5 (Maximum)
  • Achieve 8 Prestige

    Ranking List
  • Lost (NAC Rank)
  • Squire (Adventurer Starting Rank)
  • Knight
  • Knight – Captain (N/A)
  • Chosen(N/A)

Special Rank

  • Quartermaster (N/A)
  • Chapter Master 

Knights of the Triumvirate

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