Hunters of Dosvoden

Their are many gates in Verum that can lead to many places, the fae of the northern Abhorrent Arboreal, know this better than most. their is a gate within this faewood that leads to the feywild far beyond. It is here, in this maddening brush and wild wills, that a lord did rise. Exiled from his home, he came to Kalkatesh, to make himself a new kingdom. Dosvoden, the exiled lord, quickly brought the Kalkatesh fae to heel and now schemes and plans to expand his kingdom. To do this he has sent word to the desperate, destitute and curious. Seeking help from the mortal realm, to assure his foothold in the material plane.

Those called by Dosvoden, are lead through a forest of mesmerizing beauty and terrible mischief, if judged worthy, Dosvoden gives them the mark of his hunters in the hopes that they will serve as a useful tool in his endeavors to come.


Thorn Bow – (Longbow) – This bow, is crafted from semi-sentient thorns that wrap and work to form the weapon. They do not harm the welder but cause 1 damage a round to anyone else welding it. the semi-sentience of the bow helps guide the wielders aim to be true. This weapon grants a +1 to attack rolls.

Cloak of Thorns – (Magic Cloak) – This cloak formed of vines, protects the wielder from attack as well as punishing those that strike at the wielder. This cloak gives a +1 to AC and deals 1 point of damage to an enemy that attacks the wearer with a non reach melee weapon.

A bottle of black ink, a quill, a small knife, a thorned ring, Wood Carver Tools, a Disguise Kit a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch containing 10 gp

Hunters of Dosvoden all wear a thorned ring which they use to identify one another. This is usually made of wood. 



Charisma Cap increased by 2.

Proficiency with Wood Carver Tools and 1 language of your choice


  • Protect the fae, for they have suffered long enough under tyranny
  • Treat yourself, indulge in pleasure, for your mortal life is short, dont let simple rules stop you. Use caution, a captured or dead servant is useless.
  • Fools are found everywhere, exploit them if they cant see through a simple deception.

Faction Mission Priorities

  • Aid Dosvoden in spreading his kingdom of fae.
  • Disrupt the forces of powerful law
  • Safeguard the many gates within the realm

Current Agenda

  • Recruit adventurer's 0 / 5 (Maximum)
  • Achieve 8 Prestige

    Ranking List
  • Disappointment (NAC Rank)
  • Worthy (Adventurer Starting Rank)
  • Trusted
  • Right Hand (N/A)

Special Rank

  • Quartermaster (N/A)
  • Chapter Master 

Hunters of Dosvoden

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